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Your Emotional Emancipation Doctor

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Hi I'm Dr. Dee Carroll, your Emotional Emancipation Doctor and I would like to help (or empower) you with unique tools to reinvent your past and revolutionize your future by charting a course to success in life, achieving all that you aspire to achieve and becoming all that you want to BE!

Are you overwhelmed with tough decisions or maybe life dealt you some difficult blows and you're wondering how to rise from the ashes and reinvent yourself? Most importantly, are you stopped by fear and would like to stop fear from stopping you? How long are you going to keep going around in circles doing the same thing with the same results... never achieving your dreams, desires and goals?

My new online course, Reinvent Your Past and Revolutionize Your Future -Charting a Course to Success in Life, will give you realistic, specific and do able strategies for overcoming trials, tribulations and adversities. I will show you how to embrace your past challenges and not lose yourself in the pitfall by focusing not only on the bad and the ugly but giving pause and recognition to the good. The focus will be to change your perception and change your mindset, knowing that quitting can never be an option! 

By committing to this project, you will stop fear from stopping you, embrace your failures and use them as success mechanism, face adversity with grace and courage and be spurred to action moving beyond your past trials giving yourself permission to embark on the future that awaits you. Most importantly, your opened pathways will position you to see the invisible and achieve the impossible while finding joy in your journey.

Who am I and what qualifies me to tell you this? I'm a life coach, a consultant and a gifted an engaging speaker and have a captivating personal experience of reinvention! A phoenix who rose from the ashes of devastating, overwhelming odds to recreate a beautiful life, after 28 years in HR and management consulting and having owned a multi-million dollar firm. I reveal to audiences how they can actually use their disappointments to re-invent, energize and revolutionize the future--no matter what type of crisis situations (financial, relationships, careers, family issues, health setbacks) has hindered them in the past. I hold degrees in psychology and business administration and management.

I am aware of the "stuff" out there relating to reinvention and overcoming odds from sources who haven't experienced a reinvention or the need to reinvent and can't possibly share with you based on personal experiences. I don't take issue with you if you don't want to give yet another program a try. But here's the difference---where others try to sell you quick fixes, I take a holistic view that encourages positive thinking, real life changes in your actions and behavior and a bird's eye view from the "been there...done that" approach. 

By the end of the Reinvent Your Past and Revolutionize Your Future -  Charting a Course to Success in Life project, you will see and feel what sets my program apart. When you think about the money and time you've spent on self-help, this course could be one of the easiest and BEST investments you've ever made.

Click the button on this page to enroll in my course.  Let's grab this opportunity to embrace and take ownership of your reinvention while charting and embarking on your road map to success.

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    Steps to Overcome Fear
    • Steps to Overcome Fear

Take ownership of your reinvention!

Grab this opportunity to chart and embark on your road map to success.